Knowledgeable Representation for Your Child Support Case

Get the Correct Amount of Child Support

In Arizona, the Child Support Guidelines are in place in order to determine the appropriate amount of child support. When financial circumstances change, the Law Office of David J Polan can help you determine if child support needs to be modified to reflect the current situation and whether court action is appropriate. We are here to help you get your child support set at the correct amount.
Child Support

Professional Help to Understand the Child Support Law

Child support calculations can be overwhelming and complicated. Hire our experienced attorney, David J. Polan, to help you calculate the support amount that is paid monthly until your child is either 18 or no longer eligible.

Under certain circumstances, your adult child may be eligible to continue to receive support. Please contact us to see if your adult child qualifies.

You can count on us to work hard to obtain a child support order that works for your family. Call us at 520-741-8330 to learn more about our child support services.
Child Support

How to Enforce Child Support?

A child support order is enforceable once it has been entered by the court. Child support can be enforced through various measures.
  • Income withholding
  • Suspension of driver license
  • Passport denial
  • Liens
  • Garnishment of assets
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