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When you think of parenting time, you tend to get worried about its impact on your child. Protecting your rights in such a scenario is very important, and we can help you with it. The Law Office of David J Polan is dedicated to protecting your rights as a parent and ensuring you get a parenting time order that fits your situation. We are ready to discuss your options. We will also explain to you about how the law is applied in Arizona.
Visitation is defined under Arizona law as "a schedule of time that occurs with a child by someone other than a legal parent." We have the required experience and knowledge in this area of law and handle visitation cases with the utmost seriousness. You can expect us to explain all types of Arizona parenting time or visitation rights when you have questions.
Legal Advice

Parenting Time Can Be Granted To

  • Legal parents in a divorce or in a paternity action
  • Parents that are legally separated
  • Stepparents - under certain circumstances
  • Grandparents
Legal Advice

Thorough and Meticulous Post-Decree Modification

Going back to the court for a post-decree modification and fighting the same battle again can be a frustrating task. Hire David J. Polan to address all your post-decree woes. You will find that your case is prepared thoroughly and meticulously to ensure that you obtain optimum results.
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Parenting time is a part of the parenting plan created to allow the child time with both parents.
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